About Us

Hamrick Hotels is a luxury home-sharing company whose sole goal is to provide the most luxurious peer-to-peer accommodations in the world.  We spare no expense to provide families with the best experiences during their vacation stays. 

While the company itself spares no expense, it doesn’t mean our guests have to. While offering the finest in accommodations, Hamrick Hotels are always competitively price when compared to even sub-quality and smaller traditional hotels. 

Hamrick Hotels was born out of a family’s desire to travel and experience the world, but refused to compromise on quality. 

With a background in Real Estate and DIY home renovations, Chris Hamrick recognized the current home-sharing market was way overpriced and decided to create his own.

Hamrick Hotels is one of the first to not only accept cryptocurrency as payment, but have it’s own coin.


This beautiful town home is a fabulous place for a family of 5. It has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a garage and is just 10 minutes from Atlanta-Hartsfield International airport.